Those of you who attend many of our events know that we are concerned about the condition of our planet. As we continue to grow, we hope to be able to do more for the environment both in the level of awareness that we can bring to you, and in the amount of money that we can donate to organizations working to protect and repair our planet. Below is information on organizations that we have worked with. As we continue to raise awareness, we hope you will look into your own opportunities to promote the health and well-being of our habitat.  

SAFEVIBES ( - Coming Soon!):
Founded by Gamelan and Berkfest staff, SafeVibes is striving to unite all members of the festival community - concertgoers, organizers, and artists alike - in an effort to create a strong, safe, and peaceful festival community for people of all ages to enjoy. Through ongoing interactive discussions, SafeVibes hopes to encourage and spread positive vibes throughout the community in order to counteract the negative elements that threaten to corrode these gatherings.

The second Road Trip series raised approximately $800 for The National Arbor Day Foundation. This organization is based in Nebraska City, NE. They provide free information on planting and care for trees. They have also developed a curriculum for elementary and middle school children which stresses the contributions made by trees and the importance of environmental stewardship. Every dollar donated to The National Arbor Day Foundation goes to planting one tree.

Founded by Carlos and Deborah Santana, the Milagro Foundation provides financial assistance for educational, medical and housing needs of children all over the world. The Santanas believe that life is a miracle (milagro) and that children everywhere deserve the opportunity to lead safe, healthy and educationally creative lives. The Milagro Foundation provides financial aid to students of diverse cultural backgrounds for attendance at private schools, affording them an academic and artistic education previously unavailable. If you would like to make a donation to the Milagro foundation please do so by sending to:

Milagro Foundation
P.O. Box 9125
San Rafael, CA 94912-9125